Wanna Be Famous?

Here are the Steps to Bring Buffalo to You!

Are you ready to take the first step toward owning a Duff’s franchise location? If you’ve explored our website and feel like we would be a great fit for one another, we invite you to take a look at the steps to ownership below. We’ve broken them down into 9 steps, starting with your initial inquiry and ending with your opening day. These steps were carefully designed to make sure that we cover every detail necessary to ensure a smooth, seamless process.

Step 1-  Inquiry

You’ve got passion, you’re looking to start your own business, and you’re a leader. Most importantly, you like the idea of bringing Buffalo to you! What next? Take time to explore our website and read the FAQ regarding our franchise opportunity. If you feel like you check all the boxes, visit our Join The Family page and fill out the form! Someone will get a hold of you quickly from our franchise team.

Step 2-  “Getting to Know You” Phone Call

We want to hear about you! Tell us about yourself, your work experience, your family life, and all the good stuff! It’s important for us to get to know you and make sure you are a good fit to be part of the Duff’s Family. We want to talk about your interest in our franchise opportunity and ask three main questions: Who, Where, and When? Beyond that, we’d like to learn about your financial situation, your expectations of Duff’s as a franchise partner, and what is leading you to inquire about us!

Step 3-  Duff’s Brand Review Phone Call

Next, we would schedule a call with our Duff’s Franchise group members. Just like it’s important for us to get to know you, it’s important for you to feel good about us too! This would allow us to tell you about the Duff’s brand, how we operate our franchises, and what we think makes us special in the wing world!

Step 4-  Franchise Disclosure Document Presentation

At this point, you’re comfortable with us, we’re comfortable with you, and it’s time to get into the details. We’d present to you our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) for careful review. We’d give you plenty of time to look over everything, as this document forms the basis of our agreement and relationship moving forward!

Step 5-  Discovery Day

Welcome to Buffalo! We’d like to host you for a day in the mecca of wings and introduce you further to our brand! The event allows you, the invited franchise candidate, to get a true feel for the franchise company you’re interested in. It’s an opportunity to get to spend time with their leaders and understand their core values and what they believe will make you a successful franchisee.

Step 6-  Franchise Agreement Signing

Today’s the day you will execute the franchise agreement! You will also begin your real estate search and pay any fees, and of course, a cheers to celebrate a new family member! At this step, you’d receive our Duff’s Franchise Manual, which will serve as your complete guide to the franchise process.

Step 7-  Site Selection & Build Out

It’s time to bring Buffalo to you and make your new Duff’s restaurant a reality! Our franchise partners are here throughout every stage of the process to work alongside you. We’ll find the right location, negotiate the lease or purchase, help with detailed construction, and begin getting ready for your launch.

Step 8-  Training

At Duff’s, you’ll constantly be learning, so you’ll complete an in-person initial training program with your Operating Principal and/or Kitchen Manager. After this training is complete, you’ll have a solid understanding of how to run your own Duff’s. Once your launch date closes in, and the real fun begins, our team will provide training at your new restaurant before, during, and after your launch. Right from the start, you’ll be able to Deliver Unforgettable, Food, Flavor, and Service.

Step 9-  Open Your Duffs!